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Russell Jack, Southland-based Mindfulness Guru, Presents Meditation for Busy People

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Meditation is a perfect practice for people seeking a little peace, quiet, and inner knowledge. However, many people think of meditation as a solemn ritual, requiring serious amounts of time to practice properly. This mistake often makes them believe that they do not have enough time to devote to practicing meditation, and so they cannot reap its benefits. However, meditation does not require having a special meditation room or spending hours a day on inner reflection. Meditation can be done anywhere, at the drop of a hat. In this article, Russell Jack, Southland-based yoga and mindfulness guru, explains what to do if you have a hard time meditating because you just don’t have the time or resources.

Set Aside a Few Minutes a Day

Meditation does not have to take a lot of time. Make a point of setting aside just a few minutes every day to practice your meditation. Try waking up a few minutes early since your home is probably at its quietest at that time. Waking up early is perhaps the easiest way to meditate if you have children. You could also try setting aside a few minutes after you get home from work as a way of helping yourself unwind.

Use Meditation Aids

You can practice meditation when you are on the go, any time you feel stressed out or overwhelmed. Take a pair of noise-canceling headphones with you so you can block out noise for a few minutes in the office, on the train, or anywhere else you can find a couple of spare minutes. This will give you a sense of peace and quiet so you can easily practice your favorite meditation technique and center yourself when you need to. You can also try bringing along your favorite meditation soundtrack to block out background noise. Many people respond very strongly to scents, as well. Bring a candle scented with a fragrance you find relaxing and use it to help you meditate.

Use the Instant Relaxation Technique

If you find it challenging to get into a good meditative state when pressed for time, try using your body to trick your mind into relaxing quickly. Tense every muscle in your body as tightly as you can, and hold them that way for 10 or 20 seconds. Then relax them all at once. The relief you feel from physically relaxing so much will also relax your mind, priming you for the meditative state. It’s a practical shortcut that can help you to meditate anywhere whenever you have a few minutes.

Join a Group

If you’re having difficulty reaching your meditation goals, consider joining a meditation group. They’re usually free to join, and they can teach you things that can help you meditate in unusual surroundings and when time presses. Spending a little time up front with the group will help you need much less time for meditation in the long run.

Meditation can be a great help in your battle against stress. However, you need to find the time to practice if you’re going to see any benefit out of it. These techniques can help you make the most out of the time you have.

About Russell Jack

Russell Jack is a yoga and mindfulness teacher from Southland, New Zealand. He specializes in Vinyasa Yoga, Qigong, and guided meditations, helping clients achieve harmony of body, mind, and soul. Russell is passionate about animal rights protection, regularly volunteering with the World Animal Protection Organization and donating to protect endangered species in New Zealand.

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