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Russell Jack, Southland-based Mindfulness Guru, Reveals How Kids Can Benefit from Mindfulness Training

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Russell Jack, Southland's mindfulness trainer, shares how mindfulness can benefit young brains in various ways, including heightened awareness and observation.

INVERCARGILL, SOUTHLAND, NEW ZEALAND, April 15, 2022 / -- Russell Jack, a Southland-based mindfulness specialist, dives deeper into the research behind mindfulness training for kids to share how the practice can benefit children in various ways.

 Mindfulness training and meditation are categorized as mind-body activities used in many forms of exercise, including breathing exercises, martial arts, and yoga. The mindfulness technique requires bringing one’s mental focus into the present moment while embracing no negativity and judgment, only acceptance.

“With all the stress in the world today for kids, including the coronavirus pandemic, virtual education, on top of the average amount of stress that comes with being a kid and learning about your emotions, mindfulness training can go a long way for young developing brains,” said Russell Jack.Mindfulness training and meditation are not new practices for people. 

In fact, there is evidence that such techniques were being used by humans dating back over five thousand years ago. Early participants would use meditation to enhance overall health and wellness. Present-day clinical trials have proven how mindfulness and meditation can help during treatments for depression, anxiety, and even chronic pain. The research behind the use of these techniques explains how one’s immune system, brain structure and function, and blood pressure levels can reap the rewards from their practice.

Though most research for mindfulness training comes from adults, a recent study reveals how kids can benefit, too.

“The most recent research behind mindfulness training revolves around what it can do when practiced by children, and the results are great for brain development. Mindfulness for a growing brain can strengthen brain circuits that are maturing during a child’s life that control the ability to regulate emotions, focus, and concentration. Good habits established at a young age can also set up anyone for success down the road,” said Russell.

A mind health program taught in New Zealand focuses on the benefits of mindfulness training in primary and intermediate schools. Ihi Research’s study showed that the program, Pause Breathe Smile with Southern Cross, had significant benefits that the program did not even anticipate, especially for boys ages five to twelve. With many social norms revolving around boys having to fit into a specific mold for a man, this program has shown benefits for dealing with the false social image. It allows male kids to feel the ability to share their feelings and have empathy for others openly. In addition, 93 percent of children who participated in the program’s activities reported feeling less anxious or worried.

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